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National Theatre Wales in association with Ffwrnes, present: ILIAD

Monday 21 September to Saturday 3 October 2015
Ffwrnes, Llanelli, Carmarthenshire A theatrical staging of Christopher Logue's War Music

  • Directors Mike Pearson and Mike Brookes

The Greeks have been on the beach for nine years. Their expedition to recover Helen, whose kidnapping sparked the war with the Trojans, has stalled. Tempers are frayed; leaders are squabbling. Achilles throws a strop and decides not to fight.

The Gods take sides…

This September, experience the Ffwrnes theatre like never before as directors Mike Pearson and Mike Brookes (The Persians and Coriolan/us) bring their trademark vision to the classic Greek story, ILIAD.

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Our Far-Flung Correspondents (

30th August 2015

The New Yorker   Our Far-Flung Correspondents Late summer is a time for balmy days and statement shades, out-of-office e-mails and that ubiquitous chemical whiff of SPF. A good moment, we thought, to revisit some of our favorite pieces about places not accessible by subway—and, in…

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Most emailed Stories (

30th August 2015

NPR Parallels In Spain, Entire Villages Are Up For Sale — And They're Going Cheap

As Spaniards migrate from villages to cities for work, education and access to health care, rural hamlets are ending up on the auction block. Foreigners are in the market for these properties.

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Last Chance to get this advert on air (

30th August 2015


Just this week, an Australian Minister banned schools from screening a film about gay and lesbian families. Myths and scare stories about gay and lesbian couples are spreading in Australia. We need to get positive stories of love and equality out there, now!

Have you seen our advert yet? It shows beautiful gay and lesbian wedding photos of…

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Can you chip in so we can save the internet in Europe? (

27th August 2015

The European Union just decided to destroy the Internet by ending Net Neutrality.

What that means in simple terms is putting profits before public good. It affects the content we view, access to our favourite websites, and kills our ability to innovate, create new ideas, and spur entrepreneurship in Europe. 

SumOfUs members just fought a huge battle in the United States -- and won.…

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Don't let Shell silence us!

26th August 2015

I’m being watched by a line of swaggering security guards standing at huge crystalline doors. Bodies in black business suits hover at the windows of the 350 foot building trying to get a glimpse of me and my microphone. Right now I’m standing at Shell’s London headquarters without permission.

Now that I’ve got their attention, I’m going…

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The youngest victims of live export.

24th August 2015

Take action - this hellish journey must be stopped

Compassion in World Farming

The Youngest Victims

4,000 kilometres is a long journey for anyone. But what if you’re sent this far, by road and sea, just to be ‘fattened’ and slaughtered? And what if you’re an unweaned calf, just a few weeks old?

This is a journey of…

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