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Do pigs like belly rubs? New meat report, Mother's Day action, events and more!

Do pigs like belly rubs?

Watch as Juliet Gellatley goes back to visit the piglets and mother we saved from slaughter. Safe in their forever home at Dean Farm Animal Sanctuary, Tom Rocket, Mia Snuffles and co enjoy cuddles and belly rubs!

Find out more about the animal rescue and cute updates on their new life!

Mother's Day Action

We hope you consider getting involved in our Mother's Day action for dairy cows - the hardest working mothers there are. 

We've updated our popular leaflet for this campaign - and we're asking our supporters to door drop them. Please help if you can!

Order your FREE door dropping pack

Find out more about our dairy campaign


Meat: The Truth

This not-so-little number is a comprehensive report on how and why meat consumption is a major public health concern. It reveals evidence that red, white and processed meat offers no health benefits and are linked to heart disease, diabetes, cancer and other diseases. It explains that meat causes food poisoning, and how BSE, bird-flu and antibiotic-resistant superbugs pose an increasing threat we can't afford to ignore.

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Vivacity! Sponsors 

A bright idea from Ecotricity! 

 Ecotricity is Britain’s leading green energy company. They turn their customers’ bills into new sources of green energy – or ‘bills into mills’ as they call it. If you switch to Ecotricity, they will donate up to £60 to Viva!.  Plus, for a limited time you’ll receive a free LED bulb kit worth £30 - which could potentially help yousave up to £65 a year on your electricity bill! So you can help animals, the planet and your pocket by simply switching your energy supply.

Evergreen Insurance Services Launch
“With a passion for the natural world and a desire to help charities with their vital work, I have set up Evergreen to do just this. People need insurance, whether it is for your home, car, holiday or business – why not try a company who has an ethos about being ethical and giving something back.   I hope that supporters of Viva! will try Evergreen for your insurance needs, I promise that for every £1 in commission I earn I will donate back 10% in Yr1/ 15% in Yr to and 25% in Yr 3 and onwards to help their vital work! 

- David Gardiner Founder of Evergreen Insurance Services.  The Evergreen phone number dedicated for Viva! is: 020 3907 1355 (live from April 3rd).

Viva! Veganista

Viva! Veganista is THE competition for people in the UK who are inspired by vegan cooking and want to be recognised for their talent. And, of course, there are amazing prizes to be won weekly and monthly!

Check out the latest weekly winner above!

Viva! Veganista blog



Viva! Veganista is sponsored by Ecotricity

Liverpool: LABL Vegan Fair - 25 March - all details

Aberystwyth: Absolutely Fabulous Vegan Market - 25 March - all details

Manchester: Northern Vegan Festival - 1 April - all details

Birmingham: Birmingham Viva! Vegan Festival  - 15 April - all details

Truro: Cornwall Vegan Festival - 22 April - all details

For all Viva! and other events (and info on how to submit them), head over to My Vegan Town, the new one-stop vegan directory for everything vegan.

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    The car companies conned us all. They’ve been selling us diesel vehicles that they claimed were the “green” choice.

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    Every year, an estimated 88 million tonnes of food is wasted across EU countries.
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    After 5 weeks of campaigning, HSBC have just said that they'll stop funding rainforest destruction. It's amazing - but it's also an amazing opportunity to make sure other banks start cleaning up their act too. When our friends or peers do something good, it can often make us feel the pressure to do the same thing - and these banks reputations…

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    Heddwch a Chyfiawnder Bangor & Ynys Môn Peace and Justice  

    Cofnodion / Minutes – 27 February 2017

    1 Feedback

    Feedback regarding another successful anti-Trump rally, held in Bangor over the half-term (Monday 20 February).

    Apparently the annual Cold Concert in the Cathedral (Friday 24 February)…

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