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Midway - a film by Chris Jordan

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you know i'm pretty optimistic much of the time, but occasionally i sink. And seeing this was one of those moments. aside from the impacts of global warming / climate change and the affects that is and will continue to have on us (humans) the environment that sustains us all and the worlds wildlife, never have i seen such far removed and inconceivable consequences of our modern throw away, laissez-faire disposable era.

It depresses me that for all the good that people try and do in the world they are still outnumbered by the brainless stupidity of the masses who are unable to see beyond their own meager existence and all it's perceived momentary importance and to look at the affects they are having, just by being alive, on someone, or something else's life, or indeed the rest of the world.

The ever increasing circles of these tiny actions as they spin away from us and out of our control, sucked into a vortex or whirlpool, sent unwittingly into another or someone else's domain, can be similarly equated in this instance to the simplicity of dropping a bottle top in the street that gets washed down the gutter in the rain, into the stream, that makes its way to the ocean, and ends up in places like this, causing suffering, pain, and slow death.

It's recently estimated that plastics kill as many as 1.5 million marine animals each year.

One option is to blame the consumer, but we're just the end user, and even by the time it's made, the long term effects of that product, packaging or item, beyond it's temporary usable life, are already set in motion. yes we should all care more and dispose of sensibly, use bags for life, recycle where we can - not all plastics are recyclable obviously, and sometimes bins blow over and debris is cast into the vortex i mentioned before.

The objective i would suggest would be to shut the door before the horse has bolted. Government, yes lets blame the government for something else why don't we, but this is what governments should be for - to protect and represent the people from the free wheeling perogatives bestowed upon the industrial and corporate world.

We need industry, we need entrepreneurism, we need to encourage innovation and innovative ideas, but one of governments main and primary roles should be to regulate effectively so that industry, and the horrors it continually smites our existence and beautiful world with, is not just encouraged or inclined, or gently persuaded, but ordered to do so. it's primary objective (Government) should be to have the interest of it's people and their health at the core and centre of it's principal obligations and commitments.

By default, if industry as a whole were not to produce pollutants, not to use pollutants, and not to pollute, then we the consumer would find it very difficult to pollute the world to any great extent ourselves. and so to the wildlife of this world would be saved from our haphazard ignorance, and in fact we could be more so, on the whole, and it wouldn't even matter.

Peace out. lolv r


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