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Saturday's Funky Fancy Dress Party! @Speaker's Corner, Colwyn Bay

12th Nov 2005

What a success. Mindfest completly took over Speaker's Corner in Colwyn Bay. For the first time ever we opened a gallery in the basement. And exhibited the work of local artist Sean Parry.
Upstairs local Band 'Busking for sharks' made their debut performance.And rocked the audience. You have just got to hear Gary Roberts(preacher man) sing Hendrix "Foxy Lady" !
Then 'The Dolphin BAnd' ( whose members all have learning difficulties ) proved that despite their learning difficulties they still make beautiful music.
Over to the dancefloor, where Dj 'Hippie Ad' swung the grooves, and the crowd swung their stuff. His set of All classic funky tunes had the crowd cheering with every number.
To cap it all off .... yes there was more ! 'Screaming Citizens' out funked us all. With covers by Basement Jazz, and James Brown, sandwiched in between original material, young girls were screaming. And the place was jumping!
Venue director Dominic had great fun in the dressing up box, with a different image every ten minutes!
All in all everybody had great fun and we raised £186 for the charity Mind !

Mindfest are already planning their next production in conjunction with Twisted Sisters Productions ! So watch this space for further details...........
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On Friday 4th and Saturday 5th October, Migrations in partnership with Pontio presented Bodies in Urban Spaces, a travelling performance rediscovering the urban spaces of Bangor, Gwynedd.

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How did they do that
How did they do that?!
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Bodies in Urban Spaces aimed to help people experience urban architecture in a  new and unique way –  by squeezing into parts  of the city itself.

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