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Tsunami relief funds used to kill whales?!

Japan is using 30 million dollars of relief money to fund the slaughter of majestic whales -- while thousands still need support to flee radioactive hot spots around the country. Sign the petition and help shame the Japanese PM into helping the disaster's real victims, not the whalers:

Japan is using 30 million dollars of disaster relief money to fund the slaughter of hundreds of whales -- our global outrage can shame Japan's government into protecting its citizens before murdering whales.

Millions of people worldwide donated to help Japan recover from the aftermath of the nuclear disaster -- only to find out that the government is spending their disaster relief money to help fishing boats hunt and kill whales! It's an outrage and a moral failure and we have only days to speak out.

Boats are leaving for the hunt right now. Sign the petition to shame Japan's PM into giving Japan's relief money back to the people who need it most and ending this outrageous subsidy for the attack on whales. Click below to join in the call then forward to everyone:

Nine months after the disaster, tens of thousands of families are still struggling to rebuild their lives, trapped in radiation hot-spots and unable to leave. Children are forbidden from playing in parks, and many exhibit persistent symptoms consistent with radiation exposure -- which will take a terrible toll in cancers and other illnesses over the coming years. But few families are receiving any support, with those entitled to compensation pocketing a pitiful $1,000. Their repeated pleas to help them relocate to radiation-free zones have also been ignored.

Instead of helping the victims who desperately need assistance, the government plans to squander $30 million in relief funds to hire private security for whale slaughterers, making sure they’re not bothered by environmental activists in the ocean. Officials argue that whaling subsidies can support coastal communities hit by the tsunami -- even though Japan has had to stockpile whale meat because there's so little demand for it. 

Right now whaling boats are on their way to murder hundreds of whales off the coast of Japan, buoyed by money that was supposed to go to helping those in need. Japan's PM is already in hot water for his gross mismanagement of the Japanese disaster -- let's pile on the pressure and shame him into stopping the whale hunt and returning relief funds to those most in need:

Last year, our community came together to win the preservation of a global whaling ban -- only to see our efforts attacked by Japan's government using money intended for needy families. Just last month, 130,000 Japanese Avaaz members joined together, urging the government to protect radiation-exposed children. Let’s keep pushing for safety and justice for disaster-affected families, and the health of our planet for future generations.

With hope and determination,

Stephanie, Jamie, Emma, Morgan, Laura, Wissam, Ricken, Wen-Hua and the rest of the Avaaz team

More Information:

BBC: "Japanese tsunami fund used for whaling programme"

Guardian: "Japan whaling fleet accused of using tsunami disaster funds"

Letter: "Greenpeace Japan and 15 other NGOs letter to Japanese government"

WSJ: "Use of Government Recovery Funds Stokes Japan Whaling Row"

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