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Clwb Cabaret

well what can you say, clwb caberet. always a good night, or day, wherever they are. john and roger hosting the most inspiring, unusual, quality, and interesting acts you are likely to find in the snowdonia and surrounding regions. not afraid of trying something new, expect the unexpected and you'll still be suprised, but quite nicely i'd like to think.......

there, i just thought for a bit. so if you're an interesting person with a quirky view on performance, be it a dancer, of any sort, musician, singer songwriter, band, actor, magician, comedien, theatre group, street performer, busker, just whatever, if you fancy trying out your wares on a constantly innocently unsuspecting but pleasantly attentive (and attractive) audience (their like puppies with their big eyes, eagerly awaiting the next tasty morsel) then come on down.

at the moment running a regular wednesday night at the greek taverna in upper bangor in north wales, attracting performers from across the country and further afield, glasgow, london, and greece, to name but a few, and on occasion run the odd stage (literally) at bigger events and local festivals.

contact john (steele) if you'd like to perform on 07889 375 762, but book early as we're often booked a few weeks in advance, or if you just fancy your luck then come on down on a wednesday, we occasionally have a instant audition slot for new performers to try a piece and see if they, and the audience like it. it can be brutal, but only for fun. lolv clwb cabs

Customer Reviews :

This night just gets better and better! Thanks for putting it on John and brightening up my Wednesday :-) I particularly enjoyed the fruity song and I hope we see more from Megan in the future (is it possible to see any more of Megan than we saw on Weds??) she brought a real cabaret vibe to the night. Also i've been checking out Chris Wood's album after being mesmerised by Meilyr's rendition of 'one in a million.' Naomi Johnson.

'Had a really good night tonight. Great music and a lovely atmosphere.' James Phillips

'Great night last night Jon, great line up, well done to you sir! Tis not an easy task to do what you do every week.' So Phie

'We had a great time last night - thanks for having us and keep up the good work.' Tacsi Criw

'would like to thank clwb cabaret for having us we had fun.' Owain Dalton

'Yeaaah Wasssssup Clwb cabaret is the Shit!!!!!! Wicked stand up routine last week, great live acoustic music, nice layout - good vibes, happy days. handsom dude on the MC too - get your butts to it.' Henry Horrell

'had a great time at CLWB CABARET tonight... big thanks to Roger Hughes, Jon Steele and a big shout out to everyone who came to see us.' Rabid Melodica

'i had the best time performing last night at this gig, great venue, really lovely audience and all organised by the wonderful Jon Steele and Roger Hughes ... i would highly recommend going, and if you're an artist you should defo try to get a gig there... wonderful to feel such lovely positive energy - i really hope this gigs remains a huge success.' Sophie Mckeand

'Diolch i Clwb Cabaret am noson dda iawn unwaith eto. Diolch John, Roger, Henry am wneud y swn i ni. The Clwb is a 'happening' place, you've done a great job and it's a great asset for Bangor. Thanks also to the wonderful crowd who made TACSI's night. Diolch yn fawr iawn! Nadolig Llawen in chi gyd.' Gwyn Parry 'well i must say that last night was fabulouslywonderfullynotbadatall welldone chaps chapeses n chapesitos' Andrew Agace

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