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Golygfa Gwydyr

Caerdroia are permanent or temporary Labyrinths created in the natural environment with, and maintained by, the local community. Caerdroia become venues for Sensory Labyrinth Performances as well as having many other uses which are proposed and ran by the community.

The first of its kind, the Gwydyr Forest Caerdroia was built co-operatively between Theatre Cynefin, Golygfa Gwydyr, and local young people in 2005, and at a mile long is the largest labyrinth of its kind in the world.

It has hosted six professional sensory labyrinth performances to date -

Caerdroia July 2005 Heuldro Haf June 2006 Heuldro Gaeaf December 2006 Ysbrydnos October 2007 Alban Hefin June 2008 Eco Panto April 2011

Caerdroia Education and Training (CET) provision is addressing social and economic exclusion through woodland activities contributing to rural regeneration and health and well being locally.  The creation of woodland-based training programmes is offered as an alternative to mainstream, classroom based approaches to education and training.

CET offers a unique resource for those seeking a new context for both soft and hard skills development in a safe, supportive and peaceful environment.

Plough Street, Llanrwst, Conwy. LL26 0AG
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