Snog in


Nichola Goff

Artist Statement:

As a person and artist I am engaged with an ongoing investigation into what it means to be free, my artwork is largely made up of drawing, found images, text, poetry and photography that get layered together, etched, printed and played with. The works come together to form a narrative for my observation of people exploring the limits and possibilities of their environments and lives.

My aim is not to impose my opinions on the viewer but to encourage thought into what it means to be free and what limits exist for them however subtle. The work investigates images of people exploring their environment often having a strange, awkward or tense relationship with the space, pushing boundaries, conformity and limitations in subtle ways. Adding weight to this are layers of text exploring ideas of the unseen limitations a person may encounter, imposed by society, religion or maybe even themselves.

This investigation is combined with my interest in the use of scrap or recycled metal for etching. The rusty textured nature of an old copper water tank that has been flattened out or the ghost of a drawing on a recycled etching plate, adds its own story to the work and compliments the gum Arabic transfer method used to etch photographs and drawings into the metal. This being a relatively unexplored area of printmaking echoes the images themselves, pushing the boundaries, conformity and possibilities within the process itself.