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Rabid Melodicca

Rabid Melodicca is a six piece rock fusion band who have been working together on their sound since 2009. Based in the mountain passes of Bethesda north Wales they have been putting their own take on an eclectic and dynamic mix of cover songs whilst steadily adding their own material to the set.

Brent Marshall - bass guitar/vocals. specializing in funky dynamic bass riffs and vocals. Lyndon Harvey Marshall - guitar. specializing in ingeniously creative riffs, this all round guitar wizard can turn brains to shit with his 6 strings of be-wonderments.- Ceri Dalton - percussion/vocals. The lynch pin that holds the "rabid" together, with her indestructible sense of rhythm and dynamic drumming. Owain Dalton - vocal/effects.Sspecializing in high power vocals and hard hitting melodic rap. Abi and Debbie are the new additions to the band adding their voices to the mix. The audience - That's you that is, specializing in being awesome and jumping around lots and screaming our names ooooooooo yes.

Influence include such delights as System of a Down, Pink Floyd, Nacoa Zumbi, Ozomatli, Banda Bacana and Johnny cash.

Bethesda, Gwynedd.