Snog in


Something Personal

Johnny D - Vocals / Guitars
Mexicano - Guitars / Vocals
Mark 'Guru' White / Bass
Llion Broadbent / Drums

Driving anthemic melodic rock n roll group with a twist of mellow drama.

" Already a great band!! If they just play, play and play they will soon be an AMAZING band xo...Creation Records founder Alan McGee.... " Oasis with a psyche edge! I like their stuff!! Manc music journo; John Robb   Formed way back in 1997 by band frontman and lead singer/songwriter Jono Davies and Ryan Kift.

Along with Matthew Williams, Electric Guitar/Vocals ( old school friend of Davies and kift) who joined the original S.P line up in 2000, the band and went on to play a load of gigs, got on T.V and Radio regularly in Wales.

In 2002-3 There was a slight disagreement over a bacon sandwich between old best friends Davies, Williams and Kift which resulted of the sacking of Kift, from his own band ! Never underestimate SP's love for a bacon sandwich!!

Jono and Matth have continued to write and record songs ever since and have released a handful of cd's to good acclaim.

Band members have come and gone in their search for THE right people ( is there such thing??hmmmm ! ), and the line up now is thankfully as good as it's ever been.

The sound has matured over the years and has become a driving 'Rock and Roll' sound with catchy lyrics and sing along melodies. They're also known to record slower numbers which encapisates different moods / sides of SP.

Having released a handful of English and Welsh E.P's and 1 album ( 2007 ), they are now on the verge of releasing their 3rd welsh E.p Tro Fo Mlaen ou tin November 2011...

Promo's are available by contacting the band. Please help yourselves :)