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The Absurd

For over three years theAbsurd have championed the poetry, music and art of Wales at various events and festivals. If it existed in the underground we had it on our stage. But for us it began with the Spoken Word and so for the past year we have returned to our roots of promoting the oral traditions from across Wales and the UK at Clwyd Theatr Cymru. This venue has provided us with the creative space to encourage people to really listen to our artists and reconnect with the Spoken Word. TheAbsurd’s bi-monthly ‘evenings of Spoken Word’ are a celebration of verbal expression, speech, language and the indestructible force of the imagination. Our guest artists are lingual masters, pioneering new and innovative ways in which to communicate through verse, comedy, symbolism, oration and lyrical dexterity. TheAbsurd audiences are equally diverse and as much a part of the event as the promoters and performers. We take an unconventional approach; the artists we book are dissimilar and challenging so that people step out of the comfort zone and have unfamiliar and contrasting, but ultimately stimulating and inspiring experiences. Prepare to be challenged, captivated and intrigued.