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The Footons

Originally cast from the remnants of what was once the 'Caution Horses', the footons went through various incarnations once their original lead vocalist flew the coop to pursue other life priorities. eventually they began to work with Sarah Louise as their front/vocalist and since then have gone from strength to strength.

The caution horses were always a cover band, true to form, doing pop, main stream, and rock numbers, nothing too heavy and always crowd pleasing, in fact that was top of their agenda, nothing has changed there but they have now started to include some of Sarah's original material into the set, and on ocassion perform specifically as Sarah's backing band for her own personal gigs.

They never fail and barely skip a beat switching between origianal and others material, only difference being is people either sing along or they don't know the words, though being locally popular and ocassionally featuring on welsh media, some do also know the words to Sarah's material also.

As a cover/party band they are superb, and they're choice of material always seems to please the crowd and whilst they have some steadfast regular tunes in their set, they are always flexible, adaptable, and add new material regularly, and again with Sarah's female vocals (who is a great singer) and the addition more recently of Roger (Hughes) on bass and vocals, it has enabled them to perform a wider variety of material for what is now an expansive set.

If you get the chance go see them and have a listen, or you can book them for your event.

The Footons are: Sarah Louise - vocals / keys Stuart Beattie - guitar / backing vox Foo (Gavin Lawrence) - drums Roger Hughes - bass / vocals Ross Roberts - keys Jen Williams - violin (Pete Banks - reserve violin (who's pete?))  

Bangor, Felinheli, Caernarfon, Llanberis
0791 900 2562