Snog in


Matt Keegan

Tune in Every Thursday 6pm-8pm!
Where i'll be playing you the latest & best music around!
Including tracks from the charts as well as your requests!

Not to forget my Local Music Mash Up-Marathon Thingi.
So, if your in a local band, Want your tracks played, Give us a shout!

We will have the wonderful Kris J Davies doing some live music on the show! You will not want to miss this!

Alphabet Artist - For the next 26 Weeks Every show i'll play one song from Any artist beginning with the Letter of the Week! ;D

Plus my random Track of the week! No spoilers.. ;) Listen online!

* Don't forget, If your tuning in, Everytime i say 'Umm' I have to donate 10p to Charity! We haven't decided on a Charity at the moment, but You'll hear that money tin if i say 'Umm' *

Check out my page - Matt Keegan (Tudno FM 107.8 & Online ) For Updates, Requests & Any Questions you may have for the show!

Tudno FM
107.8FM and Online
6 - 8pm

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