Hi. if you've just found us then welcome, this is the snowdonia nights out gazzette, established for over ten years in the heart of one of the most beautiful areas in the uk. Where rivers flow to meet the sea, the surf runs to beat the shore, where the mountains rise to catch the rain that send the water back to sea again.

Life's a cycle and it shows us that, in amongst the futility of rushing that can be the modern world, occasionally we can get off and enjoy the view, the scenery and the art. Where the artists meet the terrain and the terrain always wins, that is where we live. Hands down, heads high, hearts filled.

We hope you enjoy the best of what we have to offer. Come, there's plenty here to see and do, more than i could ever explain in words.

Kind regards, snog.

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Bangor and Anglesey Peace and Justice Groups - Minutes and Dates.

14th January 2013

                            Heddwch a Chyfiawnder
Bangor & Ynys Môn
Peace and Justice

Cofnodion/ Minutes of meeting 14.01.13 (Scroll down for events)
1) Mike Brogden on NI
Mike, formerly Professor of Criminal Justice at Queen’s University, Belfast has offered to come in and talk to the group about the situation in Northern Ireland next week (see dates below). 
The group discussed matters arising around the situation, now…

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3 weeks to save The Lakes

13th January 2013

On 30th January 2013 Cumbria County Council decide whether our beautiful county becomes the world's biggest nuclear waste dump. Let's make that vote a 'NO"

On 30th January 2013 Cumbria County Council will vote on whether or not our beautiful county becomes the world's biggest nuclear dump.

In desperation at declining industry and limited employment prospects, West Cumbria has volunteered our county for consideration.…

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A Love Like Salt

5th May 2012

By Daniel Morden & The Devil’s Violin Company

8th May 2011 7.30pm
Aberystwyth Arts Centre

Unlocking forgotten folk tales - and putting love to the test - Daniel Morden’s extraordinarily powerful storytelling lures you into another world...What would you do for the one you love?

Daniel Morden- Story
Oliver Wilson-Dickson - Violin
Sarah Moody - Cello
Luke Carver Goss – Accordion
Directed by Sally Cookson


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12th February 2012

1. NO THREAT. Iran has not attacked any country in more than 200 years. Its military spending per capita is among the lowest in the region. The regime has allowed inspections and agreed to negotiate with the West on all issues. Current Western rhetoric recalls the Iraq war, when a threat was fabricated to justify an attack.

2. DOUBLE STANDARDS. Many of the…

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Toronto Subway Riders Come Face to Face with Farm Animals

28th January 2012

As part of the  2011 "Be Veg" Toronto subway ad campaign, 1,000 "Why love one but eat the other?" ads running on Toronto subways have been asking Canadians to "be veg" and riders are responding.

This provocative ad series launched by a grassroots group draws attention to the similarities between the animals we call "family" and the animals we call "dinner" and highlights the…

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The Secret's new video to the song 'Senseless' is sensational...

2nd December 2011

The new video to the song 'senseless' has at long last been released. After almost a year in the making, with dedicated film-maker Paul Higginson, it has finally been completed. In North Wales, things can indeed, sometimes take a long time to happen. Sometimes it's for a very good reason. This is the story of why the video for this song, took this long.…

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Arthur Scargill comes to Bangor

12th October 2011

Arthur Scargill is one the most influential and controversial figures in the labour movement. On Wednesday he is in Bangor to give a talk as leader of SLP. What ever you think of him this is a chance to listen to and meet a man at the centre of the miners strikes of the 80's...

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