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Go Electric

21st March 2017


The car companies conned us all. They’ve been selling us diesel vehicles that they claimed were the “green” choice.

But they lied. They manipulated emissions tests and sold us diesel cars that emit far more toxic fumes than they are supposed to. [1] As a result, they have made air pollution worse.

The only way to have clean…

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Occasional Cinema @Blue Sky - present 'Hunt for the Wilderpeople'

21st March 2017

Occasional Cinema

Blue Sky Bangor

Thurs 23 March 17 Hunt for the Wilderpeople TaikaWaititi New Zealand 2016 101   Adventure/Comedy /Drama

A national manhunt is ordered for a rebellious kid and his foster uncle who go missing in the wild New Zealand bush.

Quirky style and highly individual cast members make for a fascinating study of what life can be like for people on…

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Fuel the new frontline in Africa

15th March 2017

Next week, young activists from Kenya, Uganda, and my home country, Nigeria, will be coming together in Nairobi for the launch of a year-long training program.

Over the next few months, 75 brave activists will participate, learning how to use the internet more effectively in their fights for equality across Africa. They’ll receive advice on how to ensure their safety and privacy online. 

Simply put, they…

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Your Plastic Footprint Shopping

13th March 2017

Plastic is everywhere in our daily lives. I'm writing this on a computer with plastic parts, using a plastic keyboard powered through a plastic plug. You'll be reading this on something similar, or maybe on a plastic mobile phone.

Suggesting that people stop using plastic bank cards, plugs, contact lenses, medicine casings, biros, asthma inhalers, £5 notes or plasters (to…

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Sean Taylor Friday March 17th 2017 @Blue Sky Cafe Bangor

11th March 2017

Friday 17th March 2017  
Sean Taylor  
''An absolutely superb guitarist ... reminiscent of John Martyn" Bob Harris, Radio 2

"My main listen today - Springsteen and Taylor are cheering my day...brilliant, stunning songs. Great album.'  Mike Harding

"Sean Taylor is a wonderfully talented modern troubadour whose sincere, thoughtful songs pull you in. I've had the pleasure of sharing the stage with…

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Cofnodion/Minutes & Digwyddiadau & Upcoming Events 6.3.17

10th March 2017

View it in your browser. Heddwch a Chyfiawnder Bangor & Ynys Môn Peace and Justice  

Cofnodion / Minutes –  6.3.2017

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 NHS rally in Rhyl: approx 50 people braved the cold wind to hear warming speeches and heartfelt pleas in defence of the NHS and local government. Congratulations to Rhyl…

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This is Rubbish...

10th March 2017

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Every year, an estimated 88 million tonnes of food is wasted across EU countries.
Meanwhile, 1 in 9 people worldwide struggle to find enough food to lead a healthy life. This is a scandal. 

We need your voice to stop this outrageous inequality.
Next week, European Parliament…

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