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Heddwch a Chyfiawnder Bangor & Ynys Môn Peace and Justice  
  Cofnodion / Minutes - 6 February 2017

1 Feedback on  3 public and international events, much needed and appreciated at this time.
– As mentioned in last week’s minutes, the turn-out to the anti-Trump rally last Monday was energetic and we were able to give out leaflets to a lot young people and lots of new faces.
– Chinese New Year celeebrations also brought together a good crowd to watch excellent displays from the Bangor and the South Bank London Confucius institutes, and young pupils from the local Chinse and Our Lady primary schools, also Ysgol John Bright.
– We also thank the Bangor mosque for their hospitality during the Mosque Open Day, which was well attended.
2 Palestine
The group discussed how we could draw on the energies generated recently to organise a ‘bridges not walls’ campaign. Other groups to contact would be the Bangor Student Islamic Society and the Conwy Peace Group. It was noted that during the anti-Trump rally in Bangor, it drew applause when Linda connected opposing the exclusion wall in Mexico to that in Palestine. It also turns out that there is this connection:  see this link  Israel firm that imprisons Gaza aims to build Trump’s wall with Mexico (Electronc Intifada 1 Feb 2017). We aso looked at these links:  and
Linda has contacted Albert Owen MP re the 9th February debate in the UK parliament on Israeli settlements in the occupied Palestinian Territories.
3 Taxes for Peace Bill
See Westminster, Early Day Motion 1036
Centenary of the Military Service Act 19i6 and Conscentious Objectors.
Given the right to conscientious objection, it is considered that citizens should not ‘remain financially conscripted into the armed services’ and should be allowed to register as conscientious objectors to military tax.
This has been backed many SNP, Labour and Plaid Cymru members.
 Judy Hutchings and others are organising a day to promote this and have invited Siân Cwper from the Peace Tax Seven. Date and venue tbc.
4 Brexit
The group discussed how possible amendments might work in the coming Bill and how we might learn lessons from what is happening in the USA: See How Corporate Dark Money is Taking Power, George Monbiot the Guardian 2 Feb 2017.
5 Nuclear matters
Fukushima radiation at ‘unimaginable levels’ see Justin McCurry Guardian . We discussed how such a crisis with international implications should receive international support, especially by those countries that support nuclear power. Atmospheric readings of up to 530 Sieverts per hour had been recorded inside one of the containment vessels (a single dosage of 10 Seiverts would prove fatal within weeks), posing massive questions for the workers responsible for the dismantling of the plant.
nb PAWB are holding a stall this Saturday, 11-1.00 near the Clock, Bangor. Please support. PAWB are also organising a meeting on Wednesday 15 Feb (venue tbc) to discuss nuclear new-build, and organise for 11 March conference in Aberystwyth (see Dates below).
6  Group account
Many thanks to a friend of the group who has made a generous donations to our funds.
Dyddiadur/ Dates
The next meeting of the group will be on Monday 13 February at 6.30pm in the Friends’ Meeting House, Dean Street, Bangor LL57 1UR. [This will be the last meeting before the half-term break. We shall reconvene on Monday 27 Feb]
Saturday  11 Feb 11.00-13.00 near Bangor Clock, PAWB stall opposing Wylfa B. Please support.
Wednesday  15 February 19.15 – 21.00 venue tbc PAWB meeting to discuss nucelar new build, jointly with Rhyl People’s Assembly
Friday 24 February 7.00pm in the Cathedral - Cold Concert in aid of the homeless in Bangor - see  
Dydd Sadwrn 25 Chwefror/February 09.30-13.30 Neuadd Ogwen Ffair Arbed Ynni Energy Saving Fair.
Friday 3 March (18.00) – Saturday 4 March  (ends 17.00) Venue tbc
Sustanability and Human Needs An NVC workshop with Pati Bielak and Lisa Mundle
Friday 3 March 17.30 for 19.00 start  Bodafon Farm LL30 3BB action 4 Syria – A charity fundraising evening of comedy and music to raise money for Syria Relief.
Syria Relief is non-political, non-denominational and non-governmental. It co-ordinates charitable activities in the UK, providing help to Syrians in need, in Syria and outside it, irrespective of religion, geographic location or political persuasion.
At the moment, Syria Relief are working on easing the humanitarian crisis that is taking place in the besieged city of Aleppo. We have all seen the images on TV. No need to go on about it. But it would be great if we could help out in some way.
All money donated will be used to purchase invaulable life saving neccesities like medical kits, blankets, sleeping bags, food, and shelters. etc..
Dydd Sadwrn 11 Mawrth/ Sat 11 March
Llyfrgell Genedlaethol/National Library
Pawb/Cadno/Cnd Cymru/Cymdeithas Yr Iaith/ Greenpeace Ffrynt unedig Gymreig yn erbyn ynni niwclear/A united Welsh front against nuclear power
10.15 Cofrestru/Registration
10.45 Croeso a sylwadau agoriadol/Welcome and opening remarks                  
11.00 Jill Evans ASE/MEP Plaid Cymru                                
11.20 Mark Dearey Plaid Werdd Iwerddon/Irish Green Party        
11.40 Julie Ward ASE/MEP Llafur/Labour North West England      
12.00 Peter Smith Stop Hinkley (cyn beiriannydd yn Hinkley/ex-engineer at Hinkley)  
12.20 3 gweithdy/3 workshops                            
1.00 -2.00 Cinio/Lunch                            
2.00 Alice Hooker Stroud Plaid Werdd Cymru/Wales Green Party      
2.20 Cynrychiolydd Cymdeithas yr Iaith Representative    
2.40 Reinhard Uhrig Global 2000 Awstria
3.00 Trafodaeth gyda phanel/Plenary session with panel  
Bydd caffi’r Llyfrgell Genedlaethol yn agored ar gyfer cinio/ The National Library café will be open for lunch.
Cofrestrwch wrth e-bostio/Register by email to:-  
Sunday March 12, 13.30-18.30 Friends Meeting House
Community Action Training Afternoon with Gobaith nid Casineb/Hope not Hate    A free training session open to all individuals and groups. Topics include identifying issues, being a leader, creating community, tools for organising, bringing people on board, and techniques for relating to people with prejudiced views. Led by Tom Godwin, Hope not hate Wales co-ordinator coming from Cardiff.
24 March-31 March  18.00 Dr Zigs, Y Faenol/Parc Menai   Darnau o Syria/ Fragments from Syria, Arddangosfa o gelf cyfoes Syria. Gan artistiaid sy'n byw yn Syria ac artistiaid o Syria sy'n byw yn Ewrop.  An exhibition of centemporary Syrian Art. By artists based in Syria itself as well as Syrian diaspora in Europe.

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    Heddwch a Chyfiawnder Bangor & Ynys Môn Peace and Justice  

    Cofnodion / Minutes – 27 February 2017

    1 Feedback

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    Apparently the annual Cold Concert in the Cathedral (Friday 24 February)…

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