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St David's Day Festival, Colwyn Bay

Hello ! Emma here from Twisted Sisters Productions I'm back, well fed, well slept, and I've dried my liver out.

Last week (Feb 24th - March 5th) saw just about the most ambitious project we have undertaken. Thankfully we were lucky enough to be working alongside the wonderful Roger from S.N.O.G.
Where to start ? The beginning is as good a place as any.

Tuesday 28th Feb - After a couple of manic months getting everything planned and in place we begun our marathon week of events with the official grand opening of the Snog Art Exhibition and Film Showing at Speaker's Corner. If you haven't seen the art yet its still up until March 9th.Showing a cross section of 12 artists from Wales. Don't miss The Janitor by Nick Elphick. I won't say anything - form you own opinion. Check out our piccies for some shots. It was a great evening wth most of the artists attending. And filmaker Paul Higginson was there to show his film Aquamarine - a climbing/bouldering film. Set in the gorgeous Llyn Peninsula the film was shot to capture some of ther stunning scenery we are blessed with in Wales. And ..fair doos to the climbers ! They were working some difficult problems, clinging to rock in positions you never thought possible, hanging on by one finger ! As you do.Also a huge congratulations to Paul, one of his films won best short film at the Llanberis Film Festival ! Many thanks to everyone involved in the night, of course not forgetting classical guitarist Sean. Who serenaded us and had me so relaxed I nearly fell asleep. Those sofas are so comfy in Speaker's Corner....

Wednesday 1st March. the Twisted Snog extravaganza continues. Tonight we held an evening of performances by female performers. Genod Gyntaf / Ladies First at the Imperial.( see what we did there Ladies first on the first..) unfortunately north Wales had a snow blizzard on Wednesday. ANd the hills and mountains were feet deep in the good old white stuff. Breathtaking views, but it meant that the choir and band sceduled to perform, were all snowed in and unable to leave their houses . They have assured me that they still want to play the gig, next one ladies?

This didn't stop us in our tracks, oh no! after a few phonecalls the show was back on the road. And the standard of the performers was phenomenal.

Emma Black opened the show. A singer/songwriter with a sultry voice, she performed her own music on the acoustic guitar.Then, Amy took to the stage. The singer from Zenith was backed on guitar by Jonny ( Zenith and Lantern). Their mixture of originals and covers was a far cry from what you usually hear them play. Amy's angelic voice and Jonny's acoustic were elegant. As it was St David's Day ( patron Saint of Wales) I chose to share some poetry with the group. I wanted to highlight some of the work of some great poets here in Wales. I read " Walter Llywarch " by R.S. Thomas, "On Her Broomstick "and " Snow Story" by Hilary Llewelyn - Williams. The mood of the evening was so relaxed, warm and welcoming. The intimate audience were a pleasure to perform to. The only thing missing was a big log fire and a few dogs.

The second half of the evening was no less of a show. Fanda Rawlinson and Emma Briscoe both had incredibly unique and powerful voices. Fanda preformed covers as she accomanied herself on acoustic guitar. Notably, Cranberries and Levellers covers to die for.

And ending the evening, on a high note Emma Briscoe sang amongs others, a fantastic Kate Bush song. Demonstrating her amazing talent.

All round a fantastic success, and we are pleased to announce that we will be hosting another Ladies Night on Wednesdsay April 12th at the Imperial.Get in touch if you are interested in performing!

Thursday March 2nd - Oh what a night! We were so proud to be able to present and share Speakeazy @Speaker's Corner, in the company of MDQ and support.

Local rapper Juz opened the evening,showing us what he's made of, Martin Daws provided beatbox. Topping his set with a freestyle.He had the audience fully warmed up to recieve Two Comedians from Bangor uni. Who preformed their own brand of warped comedy sketches.

But,quite rightly, the headline act MDQ stole the show. Martin Daws on vocals, Joe HInchcliffe on guitar, Niki Pierce on cello, Euros Wynne on Sax and Paul Davis-Haswell on percussion.As an ensemble they weave jazz, poetry, hip- hop and spoken word. More like something you would find in Camden that Colwyn BAy, the team bring their magic to music. And Martin Daws voice is out of this world, like running velvety chocolate. If you missed them you really did miss a treat.

Friday March 3rd.......

Tonight in our tour of Colwyn BAy it was the turn of the Dj's. Despite the usual technical hitches, ( running around like headless chickens looking for a missing cable) HippyAd got the night underway with his brand of funky grooves.You just can't help but smile a daft huge grin and strut your funky stuff.

He was followed by Dj Iago Iagonofitch, who played world music. Those latin American and african beats are like a drug, they get into your system, and you just need more! Its impossible not to shake your hips and ass. I defy you, resistance is futile!

Saturday March 4th ..........

And so here we are, its the final night of our mammoth week.The Climax to a fantastic event bringing culture and diversity to Colwyn Bay. Who would have thought it possible? ( Was it a dream, did I fall down the rabbit hole?) My Genod Droog Ballon tells me it was all real.

The line up for the night read like a who's who of some of my favourite artists. ANd we kicked the night of with style, Gwylum Morrus entertained us on the guitar. A beautifully gentle acoustic set to lull, a far cry from his usual set with Drumbago. Gwylum was followed by a performer I have respected for many years now, and quite frankly celebrating St David's Day without him would just be wrong, its only Mr. John Lawrence. It was a pleasure to bring his wonderful music to the masses of Colwyn Bay. His acoustic performance is passionate and driven, touching deeply. He also had a guest performance from Benny Woodvine on bass, while JOhn played his guitar, and bohdran and tamborine, a musical treat. They lifted the mood and set the stage for the first of the bands.
Kona have been around Bangor for a few years, in different incarnations, and have recently reformed with a new guitarist. It was a pleasure to bring them to play in Colwyn Bay, and they soaked up the atmosphere. The bar had been getting busier all night, and by now was pretty full. Chris took advantage to charm the crowd in his own sweet way. Opening with the energetic "beautiful Day" and no relent from there. The 4 piece have a very relaxed sound, but at the same time ya just can't help bouncing!

And bouncing certainly describes the last act who took to the stage ! Pwy Sy'n Drwg! Y Genod Droog! What a crazy bunch. A superb live band. They sound great on the radio, myspace etc, but to appreciate them properly you just gotta see these guys live. Dressed impeccably in debonnair suits you don't expect the funkiest hip hop you ever heard. But that's what you get for sure. And the crowd loved em. They threw ballons out and we were all like big kids playing keepy uppy! happy days! The guys even said after that was their best gig eva! If you haven't heard them yet, check out their my space, and see them live.

What a way to end a fantastic week of high jinx and mayhem. It was an interesting week, bringing original music, art and entertainment to people who were probably very happy with what the popular media present. Some people were open to our challenges, of broadening their cultural horizons. Others were a little more reticent.Understandably, not every one appreciates something different, it a lot easier to stick with what you know.

Thats what makes it fun for us. We took something diferent to the masses, and even the negative reactions can be funny. On the whole, the people of Colwyn Bay were lovely. And hopefully we have changed a few people's perceptions of what is available out there.

And, of course, provided fantastic shows for those of us who don't enjoy Pop Idol.

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